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Understanding How European Roulette Works

There are two kind of roulette being played all over the world. One is the American, and the other is the European roulette. In this article, let us get to know more about European roulette, how it is played and the rules governing it. European roulette is so-called because it is the type of roulette that is found in most European casinos. It is also played in some Atlantic City casinos as well as several choice casinos over the Internet. What makes this type of roulette popular is that it gives Read more [...]

Where to Look for Used Roulette Wheels

Roulette wheels can be expensive, but if you really want to have one, you can start searching the Internet for used roulette wheels. You’ll be amazed at how many there are on sale there. These used roulette wheels are perfect for those who don’t want to spend that much for a brand new one. To assist you with your search, here are some sites you can start checking for that used roulette wheel. They are affordable and fit your budget well. This site offers both used roulette Read more [...]

Characteristics of an Actual Roulette Wheel

Since its introduction, roulette continues to attract casino players around the world. Apart from it being an exciting game, it is also pretty simple to play. Basically, it is a game of chance where your luck revolves around the actual wheel. The actual roulette wheel is designed in such a way that the element of random results is achieved to the fullest. All the numbers on the actual roulette wheel, including the low, high, odd, and even, are alternated and spaced out evenly. The two zeros are Read more [...]

American Roulette

The game of American roulette is played by releasing a ball onto a spinning wheel, fitted with pockets or slots. The ball comes to stop on a numbered slot when the wheel stops turning. Whoever placed a bet on this number will then win the game. Structure of the American Roulette Wheel There are 38 numbers on an American roulette wheel, including a single-zero, a double-zero, and numbers from one to 36. American roulette wheel differs from its European counterparts because it has the double-zero. The Read more [...]

Understanding How Roulette Works

For the sake of those who are new to casino, or to the game of roulette, this page is for you. If you are wondering what is that spinning wheel you mostly find in casinos, it’s roulette. How it works is pretty simple. The principles behind it are very basic, so much so that you can learn how to play it easily. The game of roulette is purely a game of chance. The Wheel and the Ball The wheel has much to do with how roulette works. First up, the roulette wheel is a mechanical device that is Read more [...]

History of Roulette

There are many versions as to the true history of roulette. Some are believable enough, but others are too good to be true. The different stories surrounding the real history of roulette just add confusion and mystery to this game. Nevertheless, let us discover in this article some of the stories behind this game of chance. It is a common belief that the history of roulette began in 17th century France. However, others have reported that an ancient and crude version of the game was played in Read more [...]

Learn the Roulette Table Layout

Are you planning a trip to Las Vegas? If so, you will probably find yourself playing roulette since it is one of the most popular games in Vegas and it is one of the easiest for beginners to pick up. Before you can play though, you need to understand the roulette table layout. The roulette table layout is something that you should understand or at least know about if you expect to win in this game. Here are some basic pointers about the roulette table layout that would prove very helpful. Roulette Read more [...]