Learn Roulette Strategies to Help you Win

If you want to improve your odds of winning big at the game of roulette then you probably want to learn roulette strategies. Roulette strategies are different from card game gambling strategies because there is no mathematics involved in roulette. Still there are a few tips for you to know and they are listed below.

If you’re a regular casino player, then you know that the game of roulette is based on random luck and pure chance. There is no such thing as a perfect roulette system, let alone a mathematically proven one. So if you want to win at this game, learn roulette strategies that are based on common sense and luck rather than mathematics. And to learn roulette strategies that are best, you need to know every aspect of the game that can improve your winning odds or increase the casino advantage.

Learn Roulette Strategies: Play European Roulette

The first rule to remember if you aim to learn roulette strategies is to know which casinos offer the lowest casino edge. European roulette gives casinos a house edge of 2.7%, which is nearly half that of the American version at 5.26%. Learn roulette strategies and know that for every $100-bet you make in an American casino, you are giving them $5.26 in profit earnings while in European casinos your $100-bet is equal to a $2.70 profit.

Learn Roulette Strategies: Avoid the Five Numbers Bet

If you want to learn roulette strategies the hard way, you can disregard the above advice and play American roulette. However, if you want to better your chances, then don’t bet on the five numbers. This actually increases the casino edge from 55.26% to 7.89%.

Learn Roulette Strategies: En Prison and La Partage

If you want to learn roulette strategies, then know that there are some special rules that could lower down the house edge of casinos. These are the En Prison and the La Partage. When these two rules are in place, the American edge goes down to 2.63% and the European to 1.35%.This small information is not bad if you’re aim is to learn roulette strategies that give you a better chance at winning.

In addition to the above tips, it is important when playing roulette or any gambling game for that matter to consider money management.

Learn Roulette Strategies: Money Management

Now that you the rules that could give you the best odds, the next step in your aim to learn roulette strategies is money management. This involves making your decision on how much to bet.

When you want to learn roulette strategies, it is always best to decide how much you are going to win and how much you are going to lose before playing at a table. Equally as important is control over your bets. One of the best ways to do this is to pocket a certain percentage of your winnings. That way, even if you hit a losing streak and lose your set bankroll, you still have enough in your pockets to merit a profit. All these steps that you can take when you want to learn roulette strategies can help you maximize your winnings and minimize your losses.

Roulette is a fun and exciting game and part of the fun is when you learn roulette strategies that earn you a win now and then. No one likes to lose all the time, and even though roulette is essentially a game of luck, it doesn’t have to stop you from figuring out a way to beat the house.

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